Working with other colleges to help you get the right degree

Through shared program arrangements, Montco students, who are residents of 蒙哥马利 County, PA, can complete programs of study that are not offered by us but are available at 雄鹿队 County Community College, Community College of Philadelphia, 特拉华州 County Community College and Lehigh Carbon Community College. 学生 who enroll at these peer community colleges must be authorized by the Director of 冰球突破豪华版 at both Montco and the host college to be eligible for program enrollment. Additionally, students who are enrolled at a number of peer colleges can complete programs of study at MCCC. The host college's sponsored tuition rate applies.

For additional information, see our program 的指导方针.

共享项目 offered at MCCC for students at Peer Colleges

程序 国内的大学
Addictions (Certificate) 特拉华州
Biotechnology (AAS) 特拉华州
Cyber Security (Certificate) 雄鹿队
Dental Hygiene (AAS) 美元,特拉华州, Lehigh Carbon
Engineering Technology (AAS) - Mechanical, Electrical and Nanofabrication 美元,特拉华州
Health and Fitness Professional (AAS) 特拉华州, Philadelphia
Human 服务 (AAS) 雄鹿队
Interactive Media (AAS) - Game and Simulation Design 雄鹿队
Medical Laboratory Technician (AAS) 特拉华州, Lehigh Carbon, Northampton
Physical Therapist Assistant (AAS) Community College of Philadelphia, 雄鹿队
射线照相法(AAS) 特拉华州
Software Engineering (Certificate) 雄鹿队
Sound Recording and Music Technology (AAS) 美元,特拉华州
Surgical Technology (AAS) 雄鹿队
剧院(AA) 雄鹿队
共享项目 offered for students of MCCC
雄鹿队 County Community College
项目 国内的大学
Fine Woodworking (AFA) 蒙哥马利
Furniture and Cabinet Making (Certificate) 蒙哥马利
Historic Preservation (Certificate) 蒙哥马利
Meeting, Convention and Event Planning (AA and Certificate) 蒙哥马利
神经科学(如) 蒙哥马利
Paralegal (AA and Certificate) 蒙哥马利
Community College of Philadelphia
项目 国内的大学
American Sign Language/English Interpreting (AAS) 蒙哥马利
Automotive Technology (AAS) 蒙哥马利
Chemical Technology (AAS) 蒙哥马利
特拉华州 County Community College
项目 国内的大学
Advanced Technology (AAS) 蒙哥马利
Paralegal Studies (AAS) 蒙哥马利
Lehigh Carbon Community College
项目 国内的大学
Aviation - Professional Pilot (AAS) 蒙哥马利
Veterinary Technician (AAS) 蒙哥马利
How to get started in a Shared 程序

If you are a Montco student and would like to enroll in a Shared 程序 at a Peer 大学:

  1. Submit an application to MCCC
  2. Follow the new student steps and schedule a meeting with your academic advisor. At this time you will need to inform your advisor of your intent to enroll in a Shared 程序.
  3. Submit an application to the Peer College that offers the Shared 程序 of your interest. Follow their new student steps and work with their advising department to register. Confirm whether you will need to take prerequisites at MCCC or at the Peer College.
  4. 电子邮件 Enrollment服务, from your MCCC student email account, to confirm the Shared 程序 for which you are enrolling at the Peer College. Please include the following information in the 电子邮件:
    • First and last name
    • MCCC student ID #
    • Student ID # from the Peer College
    • 当前的地址
    • The name of the Shared 程序 in which you are enrolling
    • The semester you will begin taking classes

重要的是: Please send this information to Enrollment服务 each semester you are enrolled at the Peer College to ensure that your tuition is adjusted correctly.

For additional information, see our program 的指导方针.

If you are a student at a Peer College and would like to enroll in a Shared 程序 offered by Montco:

  1. 应用 and complete the new student steps at your home school. When meeting with your home school advisor, inform them that you are seeking to participate in the shared 转移项目.
  2.  Upon completing any required prerequisites, apply to Montco and complete the New 学生清单.

Additionally, the admissions office at your home college will need to send a letter to MCCC on your behalf to request in-county tuition. We ask that you confirm this 信发出了. 

For additional information, see our program 的指导方针.